Pumped Up kicks [FLASH]

04/21/2019 06:55
I spent way too long on this. An entire day. just 12 hours with no breaks. Lol. It was worth it though, finally something oldschool worthy
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-__-__-__-__-__- 09/20/2020 12:28
this song is such a bop it's honestly too happy times to be about a school shooting :<
-Lloyd- 09/01/2020 07:28
omg this is so awesome
Coco_Berri 06/02/2020 14:40
this is majestic i-
Talia8Pie 05/26/2020 06:03
xurbosax, my school is closed and guns aren't allowed in this country
xurbosax 05/18/2020 23:09
ok please dont shoot up ur school im concerned
ladys_m 04/30/2020 14:19
Talia8Pie, thx!!
Talia8Pie 04/29/2020 20:49
ladys_m, It's called Pumped Up Kicks, but this is a remix, idk by who, but I can link you the original meme
ladys_m 04/28/2020 23:38
Поставлю её на звонок в телефоне
ladys_m 04/28/2020 23:38
Как эта песня называется?? Она очень красивая
drumcat 04/18/2020 22:40
wais228, wait, you need spooders for audio? Come on!Really?