The Sky cries my Tears

05/02/2017 12:08
Dude, im so edgy. It's uncomfortable.
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SpiritWolfie 12/19/2018 09:00
SpiritWolfie, Are you okay now? uwu
SpiritWolfie 12/19/2018 09:00
Jazzmary 04/21/2018 20:47
pixelchan, Alright ^^ but anyway, hope you're ok soon
So many people seem upset lately. I dunno, it is hard to see it all
pixelchan 04/21/2018 20:40
Jazzmary, im not THAT upset my friend.
Jazzmary 04/21/2018 20:33
pixelchan, Hmm... I'm sorry if you feel upset or troubled. Please remember that no matter what, you matter, and people still care. I hope you feel better soon, or at least, one day.
pixelchan 04/21/2018 20:06
Jazzmary, Old animation champ.
But frankly. No. Am i ever okay?
(Im doing DANDY fine.)
Jazzmary 04/21/2018 20:05
Hey you alright there?
pixelchan 05/02/2017 12:15
PASSER WORTH>>>!>!>!>!>!>!>?!?!??!