A Medal For All Of You

09/14/2018 14:51
:) Because I support all of your animations. You all have great potential to one day be in OldSchool. :) Keep tooning!
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AnonymousGoat13 09/21/2018 14:52
You're welcome :)
Athena97 09/21/2018 12:40
Aww, thanks!
AnonymousGoat13 09/15/2018 12:20
I didn't copyright, people copyright off of me :) MEH
SnowyClawy 09/15/2018 07:47
why everyone do the medals... o.o dont copyright please
AnonymousGoat13 09/14/2018 15:27
hah me too
DaleksOfSkaro 09/14/2018 15:26
im waiting for that meetup
AnonymousGoat13 09/14/2018 15:16
zefuro , I would meet up in oldschool.....if i were only a passer.....but I'm not.....oh well. Speaking of, just tell me when you think I should ask to be a Passer.....not sure whether I should yet though. And Sketchyx , good luck!
Sketchyx 09/14/2018 15:05
oOf I am still waiting for a response from the TMA...
zefuro 09/14/2018 15:04
lets meet up in oldschool then ;)
AnonymousGoat13 09/14/2018 15:04
Just look at this, and know you deserve it. :) You're welcome