guys im coming out

07/09/2019 15:57
i was holding this for almost 6 years and i just wanted to be brave and come out as a pansexual. I am proud of who i am and what i want to be. Ive been thankful to you people who supported me and i hope this doesnt change who i am as a person. ~
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foxytrotfox 07/16/2019 16:30
moham1, pngn3, Oh sry i didnt realize, we cool now lol
pngn3 07/16/2019 04:35
moham1, and fox head doesnt get any
pngn3 07/16/2019 04:35
toonimator_101, stfu homosex man
toonimator_101 07/16/2019 01:02
pngn3, is this some sort of joke? i didnt think homophobic people actually existed anymore... but guess i was wrong
moham1 07/15/2019 21:22
foxytrotfox, actually he is coming over my house by friday and we will have a sleep over until saturday. my mom said she will make cookies :D
foxytrotfox 07/14/2019 21:50
pngn3, dude please stop if your going to act this way then please take it somewhere else. You're not getting anywhere by saying that.
pngn3 07/14/2019 19:10
toonimator_101, i hope the homosexuals go fuck theirselves
toonimator_101 07/14/2019 05:11
moham1, just no.
moham1 07/14/2019 03:05
toonimator_101, fuck you bitch
toonimator_101 07/14/2019 03:05
moham1, .-.