My worst fears

08/03/2020 18:47
Death - The Unknown (Ish, i will only be scared if it is FULLY unknown) - Deep Holes - Deep Water (Yet i like to swim- even over my head, how confusing) - Bugs - Small Spaces (Only id it is not locked, then i like it) - And My Nails Coming Off (Odd, let me explain: If pressure is on my nails, i am afraid to pull away, unless i wriggle my finger (or toe) out.)
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Dragonwolf950 08/25/2020 18:50
GlitterBomb, Well that is REASONABLE TwT
GlitterBomb 08/24/2020 19:34
I hate loud noises and mannequins ~w~
Dragonwolf950 08/03/2020 18:48
Yeah, Bugs though, AAAAAAAAAAAAAA