Thank you guys!

12/30/2018 23:27
To be honest, I had a fun year with all of you! I really love how every one of have a sense if inspiration which creates a spark in others to keep pushing forward. Thank you for helping me be who I truly am. It really means a lot to me that we as a community have a spark which powers Toonator. Thank you, -IamNOgoodARTIST
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TheMemeist 01/09/2019 13:43
IamNOgoodARTIST 01/02/2019 10:06
TheMemeist, yes...
TheMemeist 01/02/2019 09:15
:0000 IS THAT MEEEEE!!!!!
SwagTomato 01/01/2019 14:43
Happy new year man!
SlenderLicky 01/01/2019 13:12
nice bro!
IamNOgoodARTIST 01/01/2019 13:01
Thegemarald 01/01/2019 13:00
how u draw slenderlicky?!!
Sanboy 12/31/2018 00:01
Almost close to the New Year!