wahoo yahoo wahoo

07/22/2018 00:51
why yes i'm a little obsessed with super mario stuff rn smh
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J_M_ 07/22/2018 01:19
ItsMiaAndDE, Cappy: Ok- Your High AND Drunk *sigh* this Is the shit that I constantly have to put up with
ItsMiaAndDE 07/22/2018 01:16
J_M_, Mario : HaO aBt u SuK mAyRo'S a-PiNgAs
J_M_ 07/22/2018 01:02
ItsMiaAndDE, Cappy: you had 26 of them mario
ItsMiaAndDE 07/22/2018 01:01
J_M_, Mario : nO i'M a-NoT!1!
J_M_ 07/22/2018 00:59
Cappy: Mario, I think you had a few to many shrooms-
AprilSpring 07/22/2018 00:54
ItsMiaAndDE, __FusH__, i thought i was mia herself
ItsMiaAndDE 07/22/2018 00:54
__FusH__, ooh
ok XD
__FusH__ 07/22/2018 00:53
ItsMiaAndDE, it looked like a random person at first for me,
ItsMiaAndDE 07/22/2018 00:53
__FusH__, why
becuase the cap has eyes in it?
__FusH__ 07/22/2018 00:52
i did not notice this was mario at first smh