her name is Rose, get acquainted

03/13/2018 13:23
my new oc is now named Rose! thanks to @takashisenpai18 for the name! i will be drawing/ animating her alot now! p.s sorry if this is a bad run cycle, its my fist time doing one. well a human one anyway XD


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Jazzmary 03/13/2018 14:34
zefuro 03/13/2018 14:33
i really thought ballsdeep_69 was a good name :(
_Disaster_ 03/13/2018 14:32
Sketchyx 03/13/2018 14:19
Sketchyx, the*
Sketchyx 03/13/2018 14:18
Wow... so that name is Rose
canadian-leaf205 03/13/2018 14:18
_Disaster_, dat run cycle is awesome!!
_Disaster_ 03/13/2018 14:08
imatoaster, _wolves_, lol thanks^^
_Disaster_ 03/13/2018 14:07
_Drag0ns, thankkk youuuuu!!
_Drag0ns 03/13/2018 14:07
_Disaster_,hek yah!! and omg ur animator now!!! good job!!!
_Disaster_ 03/13/2018 14:06
_Drag0ns, LE GASP!! Drago your back!!!!