her name is Rose, get acquainted

03/13/2018 13:23
my new oc is now named Rose! thanks to @takashisenpai18 for the name! i will be drawing/ animating her alot now! p.s sorry if this is a bad run cycle, its my fist time doing one. well a human one anyway XD


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Al3X_2 03/13/2018 19:36
hmm i dont if its just me, but she looks like link
RoseFlame 03/13/2018 17:49
a_potato_artist 03/13/2018 17:48
TheRealAaronBurr 03/13/2018 17:31
I had a friend named Rose.
She almost accidentally drowned me during swim team practice.
Anyway- THiS iS CooL
Linnux 03/13/2018 16:14
BlueBerryFox9900 03/13/2018 15:42
Rose is a nice name
Very nice.
takashisenpai18 03/13/2018 14:56
Sketchyx, sorry...i was the one who thought of the name.......... ;-;
Sketchyx 03/13/2018 14:48
i was hoping on Cleo... but rose is a good name also
zefuro 03/13/2018 14:42
but nice run cycle :)
canadian-leaf205 03/13/2018 14:37
zefuro, exdee