11/27/2019 20:18
ive been on toonator for 4 years. i have seen a lot of dramas that are stupid and attacking someone for no reason. ex: spyke_light, bloop_bloop, creepypastagirll (even tho that was a troll). yall really cant learn your lessons, can you? i get that toon is pretty much artists 4chan at this point, but seriously. gafgot is obviously young, and doesnt know much. PLUS there is the small chance that he isnt lying (which i dont believe) but yall r so mean to this kid, and for what? because hes "Cringey"? what reason do yall keep giving this kid attention. with the parents abusing him, he might not get much attention at all. he comes onto the internet trying to get attention because, "any attention is better than no attention" i have been in that boat before, he will grow out of it, just . stop. yall rlly are immature but i mean what more is there to expect from this site
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kindkazoo 12/03/2019 12:48
Toonimator_666 12/01/2019 14:41
ARGH!! finally!! someone actually said this who isnt in anon, but yes this is true, they may be my age or younger idk but they're still young and they may be going through a tough time, even if theyre not this is no excuse to call them a waste of space and everyone matters
gueswhatimafurry 11/27/2019 20:23
yoshihomo, .-_.-
yoshihomo 11/27/2019 20:22
gafgot when u see this? im sorry for makingfun of you and being a shitlord to you, even tho i dont believe a lot of the stuff u say u get too much shit for literally being a kid .
yoshihomo 11/27/2019 20:21
this is a very hot take but if yall rlly come in here defending literal bullying of this kid im gonna scream?