11/28/2019 19:32
my name is sharkeh!!! my friend introduced me to dis site, i think she goes by vriska vsco or somethin!
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kindkazoo 12/07/2019 13:20
but hi
Fluffowuffo 12/04/2019 07:41
ah, welcome! c: the way i joined this site (back in 2016) was also through a friend introducing me meep
kindkazoo 12/01/2019 00:40
i pity you all
OWOcutiepieXD 11/28/2019 19:47
btw my name iz cutie pie but u can call me cutie :33
rainbowsharkeh 11/28/2019 19:45
vriska_vsco, u click the lil @ symbolz next to usernames! it didnt mention dat in the guides but its ez to figure out...
yumgurl69 11/28/2019 19:45
also i didnt introduce myself, im yinnie and i wike cookies btw :3
yumgurl69 11/28/2019 19:44
*wags my tail at u* okeh sharkeh i hope u enjoy ur stay :3
vriska_vsco 11/28/2019 19:44
it is!! also how did u do the blue name :3
rainbowsharkeh 11/28/2019 19:43
OWOcutiepieXD, tank youzzzz
rainbowsharkeh 11/28/2019 19:43
vriska_vsco, hi vrska!!! dis site seems rlly nice