The evil lies within

11/08/2019 15:37


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BEVERLY_HILLS 11/09/2019 19:44
TAB_STUDIOS, Thank you!
TAB_STUDIOS 11/09/2019 19:38
Nice thanks for the advice
TAB_STUDIOS 11/09/2019 19:38
BEVERLY_HILLS, Btw love the png
BEVERLY_HILLS 11/09/2019 19:38
TAB_STUDIOS, At this point I can picture every frame in my head while animating
BEVERLY_HILLS 11/09/2019 19:36
TAB_STUDIOS, Now I draw better with a mouse than in real life with a writing utensil.
BEVERLY_HILLS 11/09/2019 19:36
TAB_STUDIOS, I never actually purposely learned it.

I already knew how to draw with a pencil on paper but doing it with a mouse was hard.
I did it for a few years and now its just a thing I do.
I learned how to do straight lines, animate frame by frame, what colors to use and how to use hex code just by being here for a long time.
LittleLittle 11/09/2019 19:34
TAB_STUDIOS 11/09/2019 19:33
BEVERLY_HILLS, where did you learn to animate??
TAB_STUDIOS 11/09/2019 19:33
BEVERLY_HILLS 11/09/2019 19:33

But this is beautiful