11/14/2017 15:22


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BEVERLY_HILLS 11/15/2017 17:13
Sp3ctrum, bro thats also what i thought
abbyrlz 11/15/2017 14:19
wow um sp3crum ive learned my lesson
-_Wound_- 11/15/2017 11:10
Ghostmilk 11/14/2017 17:40
Flame-Fams 11/14/2017 15:33
Leo-pon, Woops, wrong acc ;-;

I always do that
Flame-Fams 11/14/2017 15:33
Leo-pon, ^-^
Leo-pon 11/14/2017 15:29
-AshFlame-, just for now, but, yeah!!
Leo-pon 11/14/2017 15:29
Sp3ctrum, Alrighty, I got super confused. Well, uh, I'll take note of your comment anyways. ^w^''
-AshFlame- 11/14/2017 15:28
Leo-pon, :O You got back into your acc or whatever! ^w^
Sp3ctrum 11/14/2017 15:27
Oh my bad, sorry, I thought you just reposted it in oldschool twice.
Anyway, I didn't mean any offense, it's a good animation, just wanted to point it out, sorry for the misunderstanding.