Wall breaker

03/22/2019 03:00
I just need a new pfp
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Cyanocitta 08/23/2019 14:54
-Watches Bottom Left Corner-
PotatTat 04/07/2019 06:23
you okay?
Serulii 04/01/2019 20:06
absolutely gorgeous,,, love everything about this
CATinunder16 03/23/2019 20:29
Talia8Pie, oh
i thought it was a joke sdgsd sorry
thanatophobia 03/23/2019 08:23
Talia8Pie, that must've sucked dude
my friends watch from in front of me, it does make me uncomfortable
but gn
Talia8Pie 03/23/2019 08:20
thanatophobia, Maybe, but right now I need to sleep and stop binge watching youtube videos.

But let me tell you the worst experience i've had with this. When a boy literally just stood there behind my back, breathing heavily while I was drawing. I turned around to tell him to stop when he said, to my face, "I'm just watching you, no need to get a big deal over it." Like excuse me??? I didn't know how to respond so I just continued to draw uncomfortably with this guy behind me for a solid 5 minutes. And just before he leaves, he says "My friend can draw better then you anyways". This guy, probably 2 years younger than me. fhwgqfuhebuqef

But yea, tomorrow. I guess it time to crank out another rant
thanatophobia 03/23/2019 08:15
thanatophobia 03/23/2019 08:15
thanatophobia, ( i mean the speach)
thanatophobia 03/23/2019 08:15
Talia8Pie, please make a whole toon about this
my friends at my table in school like to watch me draw and i just start stressing
Talia8Pie 03/23/2019 08:11
CATinunder16, Artists are known not to perform at their best if under pressure. One of the most common ways this is experienced is if someone is watching them while they work. It is a nuisance to the artist and causes them to stress out worrying about the person's opinion of their work.

But the only reason I did this was because some teacher was watching me, and I kept giving him signals to fuck the hell off. Idk when he did it because I kept feeling someone watching me when I was making this until I turned around and he wasn't there anymore.

So in conclusion, if you want to watch an artist, ask for permission instead of just standing there are creepy like and just looking over their shoulder while they draw anime.

Thank you and goodnight