09/07/2018 23:40
school's going to get harder and harder for me this year and next year, so this "hiatus" just means that i'm going to be significantly less active on Toonator and likely won't post frequently/regularly. i'll check occasionally for PMs, but i won't be able to keep up with new toons and be online as much as i have in the summer. i'm hope you understand and that this community stays amazing!! <3 you all! :) (and to my friends--you know who you are--i'll still be thinking of you, of course!! ^_^)
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Colibri9876 04/20/2019 04:25
_cuddles_ 04/15/2019 14:47
good luck!! we'll be waiting!! :3
enzo193 01/11/2019 15:13
Rgirl77 12/11/2018 11:09
Serulii <<<<<<<3333333
MlXJ3STlC, yeas
toonimator_101 11/23/2018 06:02
Awh, do wat u gotta do ;-; I miss u already and I'm still kinda new to Toonator! :(
Serulii 11/10/2018 20:23
@MIXJ3STIC, yep!! MUCH LESS often ;_;
Amorthlen, very true!! i'm in a weird program thingy but that still holds true, however in senior year you gotta do all your college apps and stuff ... ;_; sounds so scary! but thanks for all the support!! :D
Amorthlen 11/10/2018 19:08
Serulii, Yay! XD Highschool life is hard! And i don't know what grade you are in, but Junior year is supposedly the hardest (i heard from my brother) so Senior year is supposedly as easy as Freshmen year. So it gets better by the end! <3
MlXJ3STlC 11/08/2018 08:40
Rgirl77, she's still on but not as often as before
Rgirl77 11/08/2018 08:38
we miss you!!!!!!
Serulii 11/07/2018 23:14
Amorthlen, yeah!! thanks for asking omg~ although it's stressful, I think I'm getting the hang of life slowly but surely, if that makes sense? :D