Secret Santa - Unfinished :(

12/25/2020 12:02
This was going to be for @TarynStar , but life and school made me so busy I havent had time to finish it!! I'm so sorry TwT I hope you all have a lovely christmas!!
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Tropical_Sipss 12/31/2020 11:00
Damiyuta, I know!! >.< I'm so excited for it! People are gonna make awesome toons w/ it :D
Damiyuta 12/30/2020 01:42
wow this is perfect <3 , but I understand how difficult it is to color in the toonator now, when release the new toonator with layers it will be easier to color.
Tropical_Sipss 12/26/2020 19:51
TarynStar, omg i cant believe u love it LMAO thank you so much <3
TarynStar 12/25/2020 23:49
i am pogchamping as i am typing this
TarynStar 12/25/2020 23:49
yo this is so sick!! even thoguh it's unfinished it's so cool omg thanks <3
TarynStar 12/25/2020 23:48
wait omg that's me
whattodo 12/25/2020 19:45
you too! merry christmas
saltedpopcorn 12/25/2020 18:37
Merry Christmas!!
_StarMoonlight_ 12/25/2020 14:35
aw cute! Merry christmas uwu
Tropical_Sipss 12/25/2020 12:37
kraftcheese, ty 'u'