i drew my favorite pokemon

06/12/2019 19:56
good lucky tryna figure out what it is. and for the record, i can draw waaaaaaaaaay better then this.
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FNAFgirl2018 07/11/2019 21:27
LacyTheSnowLynx 06/13/2019 11:57
its an arcanine :3
tigerblink 06/13/2019 01:15

o f co u r se i tis
Wing_of_fire 06/12/2019 23:54
is this flareon?
cause flareon is my FAV pokemon
Zatch 06/12/2019 20:49
6_Shark_6, my reaction also
6_Shark_6 06/12/2019 20:31
6_Shark_6, which means you have poor taste out of 860 pokemon and im forced to execute you.
6_Shark_6 06/12/2019 20:30
das growlithe, arcanine or flareon
Zatch 06/12/2019 20:26