03/28/2021 17:36
Huh it wasnt loading right


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BEVERLY_HILLS 03/29/2021 16:06
thav0d, i mean there is income from people buying spooders but it is probably pretty low lol
thav0d 03/29/2021 12:32
well if they're planning on making a complete overhaul it would be silly to expect anything in the near future. especially if it's just one person working on it besides irl stuff, and considering the fact that it's just a side project, making something huge like this with no gain or income is probably not very motivating
BEVERLY_HILLS 03/29/2021 08:40
Kotsuko, toonator said a while ago that the new editor is his top priority
hopefully the reason its taking this long is because its difficult or something lmao
hey_goongaga 03/28/2021 23:53
i love aether
Kotsuko 03/28/2021 21:10
BEVERLY_HILLS, Thank you!!!

Yeahh I'm starting to feel like Toonator has been abandoned. But even Multator doesn't have it yet so there may still be hope.
G_GE 03/28/2021 19:01
memmem636 download this extension:
memmem636 03/28/2021 18:05
woah that looks so cool!!! :D
also help how do you draw on here without flash i am lost
BEVERLY_HILLS 03/28/2021 18:03
kinda sad it has to be an animation to be visible lol
BEVERLY_HILLS 03/28/2021 18:03