Adventure Together

10/05/2018 18:46
Pokemon Adventures (Red x Yellow) <3 <3 <3 Enjoy
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Kotsuko 10/06/2018 08:30
Princessunicat, xDD PIKACHU~!
zefuro, xDDD I kinda did, yeah, but you gotta agree that the colouring for the sweater and hair bad--AND YES LOL of course I remember you, and I gotta say YOU HAVE SKYROCKETED IMPROVED
_Menvis007_, Thank you!!! //><//
Princessunicat 10/06/2018 03:44
adventure ti- wait that was wrong uh
zefuro 10/06/2018 03:26
zefuro, also, do u remember me?
zefuro 10/06/2018 03:26
ASDFGHJKLJHGF AMAZINGGGGG!!!!! you have truly improved!!!!!
_Menvis007_ 10/06/2018 01:17
This is soo good!!!
Kotsuko 10/05/2018 19:24
Elle5, TY Elle ///>W<///
Elle5 10/05/2018 19:03
UberwHare 10/05/2018 18:55
oh good place!
UberwHare 10/05/2018 18:54
this is medal worthy
RANDOMGIRL4 10/05/2018 18:51
Kotsuko, No problem! :P