Pls medal... pls medal... :)

08/12/2015 16:12
I worked really hard on this, so I hope you enjoy ^w^
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TKninjas 08/12/2015 21:17
Rosie28, Cool! :D
Rosie28 08/12/2015 21:08
My interpretation is a rolled up map, standing on the ground as everything moving around repeat their actions.
TKninjas 08/12/2015 19:42
dragonstorm 08/12/2015 18:46
this is all i can give you
GiraRay 08/12/2015 18:02
TKninjas, Let's see what happens next....
TKninjas 08/12/2015 18:00
Wait, this got into most popular!!! I'm so excited!
TKninjas 08/12/2015 18:00
GiraRay, haha XD ur kinda right!
GiraRay 08/12/2015 18:00
TKninjas, I thought it was a grave with flappin' wings... O_o
TKninjas 08/12/2015 17:59
LoveDerp, TY! xD
TKninjas 08/12/2015 17:59
GiraRay, Well, it's really up to the viewer to decide what he or she sees, but I made it seeing it as a glass, but a refection or image of another place, along with a bunch of other objects and things from (also) other places ^^