Space AU (ref)

06/20/2018 23:06
Name: Mirial Halley (Halley is a comet 0w0)
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canadian-leaf205 02/17/2019 19:35
mine would be saturn
Mirial 06/21/2018 00:14
omg that would be awesome! I love Detroit. >:P
Hello I'm Cyberlife. The Connor sent by android .n.
Btw if you do this..I call Markus.
Jackson_ 06/20/2018 23:31
Mirial, I want to do a ' Detroit Become Human ' au, where im Conner, so I can be like "Hello, My Name's Jackson, I'm the android sent by CyberLife
Mirial 06/20/2018 23:16
oh 0w0"
Jackson_ 06/20/2018 23:11
i can't draw mine, so
mine would be this:
Im Dead
Because im that one dude
that willing left, into space
without a helmet
Mirial 06/20/2018 23:09
Can't wait to see ^3^
Ty uwu I got lazy tho
-AshFlame- 06/20/2018 23:07
nice! :0 I have to make mine tomorrow owo
THEROLEPLAYER_ 06/20/2018 23:07