I can only blame so much on my fucked up brain

06/23/2018 15:52
I started this animation when I was really stressed, so take this as vent of some sort. All the nonesense is completely intentional. Some aspects have a deeper meaning here, some don't, but that's for you, the viewer, to decide.
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Eatme10times 08/11/2018 18:28
woahhhh i luv it <3
Red521 07/26/2018 11:35
takashisenpai18 07/24/2018 13:39
Kristersv10 07/07/2018 09:54
B E S T F @ # % E D U P T O O N !
Brenimations 06/27/2018 06:53
ShineX-Daydream 06/25/2018 05:57
MsDoni, it's written in the end of the toon. It's Wooden Home by Tothegood: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jy4nM96qIPw
svetlanikys 06/25/2018 05:05
why its so Beatiful
MsDoni 06/25/2018 05:03
What is the name of this song?
AnAnimator 06/25/2018 00:26
634896723589 frames for a second of animation.
GuineaPig123456 06/24/2018 22:22
This is amazing!