crazy cartoon

12/03/2019 09:04
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TAB_STUDIOS 12/05/2019 05:47
TAB_STUDIOS 12/05/2019 05:43
Well I just sometimes fallow rumors
kindkazoo 12/04/2019 18:55
TAB_STUDIOS, also the website isn't dying, some people are leaving but even if flash doesn't work anymore it'll get switched to html
kindkazoo 12/04/2019 18:54
TAB_STUDIOS, its you?
QueenGlory 12/04/2019 13:32
Newest0_0Account 12/04/2019 13:17
QueenGlory, oh god now that i look at it....
QueenGlory 12/04/2019 13:16
ah yes enslaved dots
Newest0_0Account 12/04/2019 12:17
TAB_STUDIOS, oh its you? :/
TAB_STUDIOS 12/04/2019 11:51
Newest0_0Account, and kindkazoo I was joking I did not mean to be annoying tryna get peoples reaction since this site is dying you do stupid things. And also I spelt "advertisor" because the real way to say it is already taken.......
kindkazoo 12/04/2019 11:47
Advertisor, why don't you understand that people don't want toons advertised on their animations? it's extremely annoying, not just for the user but for everyone too.