11/18/2016 11:11
I don't really know.. tbh.


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valim 11/19/2016 07:25
Не знаю что здесь происходит, но чёрт мне нравится эта рисовка
Translation(Перевод): I do not know what's happening here, but damn I like the panache
(Translation from Google's because I'm Russian :з)
SuperAwesome 11/19/2016 07:14
aaa i love this
SketchZi 11/18/2016 19:56
Yuki142080, Thanks again and your art is amazing tbh I get jelly of your skills in drawing humans and the coloring skills mmmm kill me please-
Yuki142080 11/18/2016 19:50
SketchZi, yw :)

but yeah your character is really cool and how you add stuff hidden in the back is really cool and something I wish I knew how to do haha
SketchZi 11/18/2016 19:49
Yuki142080, Thank you ah-

;) I only give little hints and clues in all my drawings [except for the shitposts and stuff LMAO]
Yuki142080 11/18/2016 19:44
THis is really good

makes me wan't to find out more about your character tbh
SketchZi 11/18/2016 19:43
_TheWeirdKitty_, EatMe, EndlessTrendless, draggyy, Sanboy, lonelycousin, Thank you--
Faithro, ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ...
_Myko_, sauce?
-Fox_Mulder- 11/18/2016 19:40
Faithro 11/18/2016 19:37
why are u so good it's not fa ir
_TheWeirdKitty_ 11/18/2016 17:12