02/10/2019 22:19
i'm taking you all with me. See you in hell
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tuIp 08/19/2019 15:04
300gb for the first folder u must have a lot of p**n
Wing_of_fire 07/30/2019 03:59
Ha! my main Ocs atm are a "fish", a robot and a kistu-
ship, where did Kuri go?
AnnikatheLlama 07/24/2019 06:14
also i saw that non copy-pasted part of the chair heh
just a tip (ik this is old but still) try to draw the full bg without the oc and then erase some of it for the oc space, if that helps
BlazeTheNinja-48 07/16/2019 08:11
Llamalady 07/12/2019 22:49
That must have taken FoRevER
DoctorPeppa 07/11/2019 15:45
xBallisticShadow 07/11/2019 09:02
Thank god
CATinunder16 06/14/2019 12:53
300 gb.............. omg
DiscordCollabs 05/28/2019 16:45
DiscordCollabs, woops wrong acc
DiscordCollabs 05/28/2019 16:45
SuruSuruWo, I knew it!