07/11/2018 16:58
This staff contains Pure Fire, the truest form of the fire element. Not a battle staff, more of a kings or queens. Not much is know about this staff's past, but what is known is that it was forged by some sort of fire demon.
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Toasty430 07/11/2018 19:12
EMBERSTAR1: The staff has undergone hours of research, but no luck in finding it's origins. The flame will not go out, even with exposure to water. An unknown crystal lies just below the place the fire is emitted, leading us to believe that is where the powerful flame comes from. The frame seems to be fully made of obsidian and colored darksteel, making it painful to the touch.
Toasty430 07/11/2018 17:38
KawKaw, that's actually what I was going for, along with the other drawing i've been doing.
KawKaw 07/11/2018 17:14
i feel like this would be something in an rpg, mage's sure would love this
Toasty430 07/11/2018 17:12
meh... i don't really like it but whatever