07/08/2019 20:34
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toonimator_101 07/27/2019 06:48
https://images-nitrosell-com.akamaized.net/product_images/8/1806/large-RS1369.jpg Anyone???
zFluid 07/25/2019 06:03
spade-fury, yes i know i srry
spade-fury 07/25/2019 01:00
dominate isnt just... by guz... though...

it was a collaborative effort of his team, some 10-15 animators or something (all at their peak of stick animation and moving into fullbody at the time of production).
Cocoa_Coleman 07/24/2019 21:15
This is awesome!
zFluid 07/20/2019 11:25
t-8, lololoo
t-8 07/16/2019 04:10
zFluid, cuz they no chicken
hehehehfhyerhreufherff get it funy
zFluid 07/16/2019 03:37
t-8, MIrror mirror on the wall why the fucks r cock so small
t-8 07/16/2019 02:37
get nigger
ParadoxJah 07/16/2019 00:55
Sereno, Thats wat i said then our kind animator friend got offended
Sereno 07/15/2019 19:26
Ayyy, its dominate from Guz :O