for a special Tulp

03/13/2019 20:19
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dark_chocolate 03/13/2019 20:24
Slotho, did you... do research??
dark_chocolate 03/13/2019 20:24
HrvatskaTulp77, np, you guys don't deserve to be banned because of your opinions (maybe you should change how you present it to avoid ban tho)
Slotho 03/13/2019 20:24
I looked it up and got...
Nicolaes Tulp (9 October 1593 – 12 September 1674) was a Dutch surgeon and mayor of Amsterdam. Tulp was well known for his upstanding moral character and as the subject of Rembrandt's famous painting The Anatomy Lesson of Dr Nicolaes Tulp.
Slotho 03/13/2019 20:23
What is tulp??
HrvatskaTulp77 03/13/2019 20:23
This is amazing. Thank you very much for the much-needed support!
Slotho 03/13/2019 20:22
Oh. XD
dark_chocolate 03/13/2019 20:22
dark_chocolate, (WrOnG tUlP) cant put which on because they have the same name
tuIp 03/13/2019 20:22
dark_chocolate, this is really good
dark_chocolate 03/13/2019 20:21
2DaruiAnimator, it is for tulp but it could be a remembrance for all tulps if you want to interpret that way
2DaruiAnimator 03/13/2019 20:20
rip him