for a special Tulp

03/13/2019 20:19
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HrvatskaTulp77 03/14/2019 21:28
HrvatskaTulp77 03/14/2019 20:42
A medal has blessed upon this animation by Talia8Pie! Thank you for supporting the tulp community on this one! :D
Talia8Pie 03/14/2019 20:35
dark_chocolate, you have a nice style, accept it uwu
dark_chocolate 03/14/2019 20:26
HrvatskaTulp77, Talia8Pie, I, i cant.. thank you so much, although it doesn't deserve it
tuIp 03/14/2019 20:26
Talia8Pie, yeah thanks so much
Talia8Pie 03/14/2019 20:19
HrvatskaTulp77 03/14/2019 19:54
This toon really deserves a medal! Sadly, I don't have any spooders. :(
HrvatskaTulp77 03/14/2019 19:53
Rushy, First of all, thanks for keeping your arguments civil. Second, I still respect gay people but I disapprove of the concept and practice. Third, using the same logic, people should keep their opinions of tulps to themselves on a tulp toon.
NicolaesTulp1738 03/14/2019 16:54
dark_chocolate 03/14/2019 14:56
tuIp, -tu1p, thank you ;v; I never realized how many nice tulps there are