09/07/2020 14:35
idk what I'm doing, I have an essay to do


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jackbrownbr 09/13/2020 22:50
BEVERLY_HILLS 09/09/2020 08:20
jackbrownbr, i wouldnt recommend begging for attention on other peoples toons, its not like you are doing anything particularely bad but some people might not like that you are

also if you want more attention just keep making toons and improving them, and eventually you might get passer

i started out making terrible animations and now I have passer and get my toons in oldschool, you can too with a bit of practice
jackbrownbr 09/08/2020 20:23
please comment on my two toons and enjoy them because my toons give the job and nobody likes and nobody comments
mypotatochild 09/07/2020 15:16
Raine_Rain, aldkfoxicnadf tysm for all the medals :D
Raine_Rain 09/07/2020 15:11
Here take this *gives medal* i summon a 100 spiders to grab me a medal and now i gave it to you :3