Dangle Dangle

01/27/2018 14:14
After getting my new mouse I've been struggling to animate with it, as it's meant more for gaming. I can't properly make any long animations and that's why I've been sort of inactive, I'm sorry ahah. I'll be getting a tablet soon enough tho so yay!
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IAlwaysWaitMore 04/09/2018 07:15
Wylieguy, Yup and after experiencing what a tablet can do, it totally sucks
Wylieguy 04/09/2018 07:04
Wait a minute, you've been animating with a mouse? I'M NOT WORTHY!
Zionaaaaa 02/12/2018 17:07
From, " ," to this. Wow, much improvement.
Wylieguy 02/09/2018 17:18
What a wonderfully commendable talent you have!
AinmationMaster 02/05/2018 15:57
someone mad this for u
m000n 02/02/2018 19:34
its bootyful
ShineX-Daydream 01/30/2018 07:52
izzyrocks9877 01/29/2018 21:49
go onto https://aggie.io/bi98e5ih plz
21robax 01/29/2018 19:09
IAlwaysWaitMore 01/29/2018 11:24
Kotsuko, AAAA thank you!! And idk it's just practice and I started at a very early age with animating!