09/21/2016 14:41


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-Molana- 01/12/2017 05:37
Your really SillyKally_AD xD I am not trying to be rude but this is really bad..
m0i 11/15/2016 12:26
Whoa I just got there! Well, Is not the best but I'm glad you tried in the end, thank you!
RainyStar_ 09/24/2016 13:35
DAMN!! This Comment Section is GOLD *What i ment is that all just Bad Comments and stuff*
HypnoUniverse 09/21/2016 15:12
SnowGirlSketch, yeah you kinda do...

i know some really good drawing books that helps and stuff

and some websites.

but you really need some work done on your style and not use the circle tool as a head

it kinda looks weird

and i know you arent a good artist

but you need to practice to be a good artist
and let other people help you become that good artist
lonelycousin 09/21/2016 15:12
SnowGirlSketch, Someone nice: Hey, you could work on your art- you: BANNA ABNA BA NA BAN BAN BA NA
SnowGirlSketch 09/21/2016 15:10
HypnoUniverse, *Do i really need too*****************
ConnorX 09/21/2016 15:09
HypnoUniverse, Oh god-
You made me spit on my screen! QAQ
HypnoUniverse 09/21/2016 15:09
SnowGirlSketch, it kinda does hun

make take some practice in drawing
SnowGirlSketch 09/21/2016 15:09
HypnoUniverse, *Thumbs down* No
HypnoUniverse 09/21/2016 15:08
why does the head look like balloon with vagina hole?