i cant finish this ;-;

04/15/2019 13:26
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Wylieguy 04/16/2019 09:15
Commendable stuff!
poppliotube 04/16/2019 04:59
hjkuhjio, i wanted to get promission first so thanks:p
hjkuhjio 04/16/2019 03:58
poppliotube, take your time :))
poppliotube 04/15/2019 16:33
hjkuhjio, hey could i add or finish it(will re do each frame if you want me too, so i'm not copying you)
I will redo it though for a backround color though(i like coloring in my toons it makes it look more alive to me)
Art_dump 04/15/2019 15:07
that's cool
Yu-Ming 04/15/2019 14:26
this is amazing tho
Pasterupastel 04/15/2019 14:03
heck no, this is amazing! 10/10 would vanish into thin air again!
RedPandos 04/15/2019 13:40
I love it tho :oo
hjkuhjio 04/15/2019 13:26
this looks really bad ;-;