02/17/2019 01:16
Started this a bit before the thirteenth of December, I believe. I've been workin' on and off on this while doin' other projects + school n' stuff. sooo yeah XD I should've had this done sooner, but such is life. uwu Alsooo! This is probably the last animated toon (or toon. Or just *serious* animated toon) I'll make before my BIRTHDAY ON MONDAYYY! :D (the 18th. technically tomorrow now since it's 1:13AM meep owo) Not much'll probably happen other than goin' out to lunch and then going to an appointment later, but the day will hopefully be nice. uwu Oh, and I'll be turning 18 ;w; I'll be an adult aaaaaa X'3 so yeah lol. I hope u enjoy my remake of the original toon! :D Oh, btw, that original toon is sorta a remake of an older toon, so go check that out if u can: I'll try to make more toons when I can, idk. Might try to finish up some drafts? But, anyways, I hope y'all have an awesome day/afternoon/evening/night! :D



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Fluffowuffo 05/05/2020 23:37
emileee, thanks! c:
emileee 05/05/2020 20:46
wow! :0
Fluffowuffo 02/17/2020 22:01
_StarMoonlight_ 02/17/2020 22:00
Fluffowuffo 02/17/2020 21:55
_StarMoonlight_, thanks >w<
_StarMoonlight_ 02/17/2020 21:50
oof, why do i just notice this

this is adorable
Fluffowuffo 02/17/2020 21:33
GlitterBomb, Thanks! ^w^
GlitterBomb 02/17/2020 21:13
Fluffowuffo 01/04/2020 01:50
Who's ready for a 2020 remake??? uwuwuwuwuwu

Can't start rn 'cause i gotta charge my laptop tho oof
Fluffowuffo 11/11/2019 01:28
_RELAX_, ooo :0