03/19/2021 18:21
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_WolfLover_ 05/19/2021 15:35
Pllatapuses, she came back -_- it's not a clickbait scam?? she posted that toon such a long time ago is she not allowed to look at the website sometimes???
itsjellyjq 05/14/2021 21:49
Should i say that i look up to serulli and one day be as a talented as her?
Pllatapuses 05/13/2021 15:59
u fooled us all, u said that u were gone and now i think this is clickbait scam
_WolfLover_ 05/10/2021 13:14
Serulii, sorry just saw this now! yeah i was gping cause i was saying thank you for the medal aaAaA Ty for that btwww ^^
Nynxia 05/08/2021 16:12
Serulii, ye im doing okay honestly idk if i am covids tuff on us rn
Epicxz 05/08/2021 13:08
Serulii, HELLO
Serulii 05/08/2021 12:17
Nynxia, hey!! <333 i'm doing great :) i hope you're doing well too!!
Nynxia 05/07/2021 17:59
Serulii, (IDK HOW I JUST SAW THIS BUT OMG HI!!! HRU??) (sorry all caps was exited finally got to say heyo :3)
roquangardner 05/06/2021 11:46
you spend 500 spooooders for goood place!!!!!!!!!?????????
roquangardner 05/03/2021 11:29