Je ne dors pas

11/14/2017 04:13
Ça fait 2 jours déjà.
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Heratani 11/14/2017 15:26
BitterMars, Well, it's you that see it this way. Wolves can look like doges when they have their ears cocked back like in the end of the animation.
BitterMars 11/14/2017 15:08
Also, how does it goe from being a wolf to a doge?
Heratani 11/14/2017 14:44
BitterMars, Like in the previous comment, the name and description is never really meaningful to my animations. They just fill the void that would be left if I didn't write anything. Besides, my native language is French and it permits to see who is ready to open google translate. xD
Heratani 11/14/2017 14:41
TheRandomAnimate, Ah, alright! I do speak French and English as well but the names and descriptions are never really meaningful to the animation they are always random blabber, so understanding it is not that important. :D
BitterMars 11/14/2017 14:13

Why French?
TheRandomAnimate 11/14/2017 09:42
TheRandomAnimate 11/14/2017 09:42
Desole! Je parle francais et anglais! Le faites vous parlez anglais
4 all those english people, i speak mainly english not french :3
Insalata-verdure 11/14/2017 06:44