Coming Back And BetterThan Before :D

07/01/2018 23:06
Yes After Long Thought Im Back And Better Than Before ... And Im Contenueing The Series W.A.R Too ... Baii
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xX_TakeA_GuessXx 09/04/2018 13:25
Sweet_Pudding 07/01/2018 23:30
EmmaCats, a a a a W.A.R looks so cool!! I'm planning to make a series like that myself..Keep up the good work!!
FG_FatalHydra 07/01/2018 23:29
Sweet_Pudding 07/01/2018 23:25
oo! cool!!
EmmaCats 07/01/2018 23:08
Im Planning To Clean My Animation Up Too :D