Bounce VS Dartus | The final battle

02/09/2019 16:32
part 1|2. (this shit s long)


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Thegemarald 07/17/2019 18:55
SlenderLicky, could u no cuss?
vlad245 06/19/2019 04:33
JJ-An-Scath 06/06/2019 09:44
:0 amazing as always uwuwuwu
tiger09 06/06/2019 09:42
oh my god dude seriously 1106 frames wow
SlenderLicky 05/23/2019 12:47
awendt_, i bet ya could
awendt_ 05/22/2019 08:10
yo i wish could animate like this
SlenderLicky 05/22/2019 07:40
imma just mencion guys, i created a new group account called SlenderStudios. Its for stick animators, and if any of you are interested in joining, just show me a sample of your toons and ill add ya. :)
Zatch 05/16/2019 14:34
sloppydude234, funimation just do localizations and dubbing, they have nothing to do with animation
sloppydude234 05/16/2019 13:22
SlenderLicky, You could work for Funimation if this had DBZ music....
SwagTomato 05/14/2019 02:54
Mcflurrydog, I'm kinda moving to drawn after I finish something here, so sadly I won't longer take part in this collab..