Bounce VS Dartus | The final battle

02/09/2019 16:32
part 1|2. (this shit s long)


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beemoboy 02/14/2019 06:34
Big_boi 02/13/2019 20:11
why this make me think of that sticknodes thing?
TheOneAboveAll2 02/11/2019 12:29
Thegemarald, I dont think you ready, this aniamation his class! But it depends what Slender says.
Thegemarald 02/11/2019 09:55
SlenderLicky, can you and me have a fight collab?
SlenderLicky 02/10/2019 21:00
Rosie28, Yep.
Rosie28 02/10/2019 20:17
This is really well done my gosh!!!
ZRegretz 02/10/2019 18:31
the building background looks nice.
Thegemarald 02/10/2019 16:04
thank you so much slendy! my goal is to be as good as you
Serulii 02/10/2019 16:02
SlenderLicky, np!! <3 amazing animation btw~
SlenderLicky 02/10/2019 15:33
Thegemarald, thats for toonator to decide. But i gada be honest with you bro, youve imporved a whole lot scince the last time ive seen your stuff! keep imporving and i garentee youll get passer soon enought! ^w^