09/07/2018 21:56
i was so bad at art. a year later i'm still bad.


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tiger09 10/10/2019 21:47
hey stop just stop pretending i know your proud of this and your saying that you have'nt? just stop pretending you've improved so much JUST ACCEPT IT ADN STOP BEING THAT ONE PERSON WHO ALWAYS PRETENDS THEY WILL NEVER CHANGE
TarynStar 05/09/2019 16:44
GrimpyToonz, passers are for animators, i'm only an artist, not an animator haha. thanks though!
GrimpyToonz 05/09/2019 07:56
wow and to think your still an archaeologist. you deserve a higher ranking in my opinion...
RimieQiff 02/14/2019 07:15
you're new artstyle is kinda like from avatar. the elemental nickelodeon one.
B1uMoonGirl 11/26/2018 15:10
Rapidly. Improving. (oops posted before I finished writing xd)
B1uMoonGirl 11/26/2018 15:09
TarynStar, Yes. You. Are.
TarynStar 11/21/2018 17:15
bonuswire, thanks :))
bonuswire 11/21/2018 17:14
man thats great
-Hydra- 10/28/2018 02:08
HOW DOES ONE GO FROM i suck at art TO am art god now :0 (no offense dont kill me)
TarynStar 09/16/2018 01:09
Lavinia31, level up what