Knives in the water

10/09/2018 16:39
"We clearly told her no knives, but of course she didn't listen." - : - @Serulii's art made of pastel colours looked really nice and calming, so I decided to try it out ^_^. I tried, but I guess mixing pastels with uncalm pictures don't do. - : - BTW can I have advice for smaller breast sizes? I can't seem to get it right, and the body anatomy as well. It's either the head is too big or the shoulders are too short...
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Kotsuko 10/14/2018 04:00
Awkward__Artist, LOL PFF senpai in japanese is what you address to people that you respect, look up to or are in a higher position than you in school (senior). At least that's what I think...
Awkward__Artist 10/13/2018 17:15
Kotsuko, oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooh. I thought you were talking about people you have a crush on, not people you admire.
Unless I was right the first time.
Kotsuko 10/13/2018 12:18
Dodobroking11, :) Right? I still do it tho. ^^"
Dodobroking11 10/13/2018 11:08
Kotsuko, tbh the fact you call them "senpais" is really cringey to me
Kotsuko 10/13/2018 10:55
Awkward__Artist, GASP WUT *my senpais are Elle5 _Disaster_ Awkward_Artist zefuro supereggy -AshFlame- Flare-Aamon and many more people ><*
Awkward__Artist 10/13/2018 10:42
Kotsuko, I have no senpais
*spins into the ground*
Kotsuko 10/13/2018 09:23
Awkward__Artist, *Jumps in the water*
Kotsuko 10/12/2018 23:22
Awkward__Artist, Now face ur senpais. I have food business to attend to.
Awkward__Artist 10/12/2018 20:53
Kotsuko, *stutters to death*
Kotsuko 10/12/2018 20:51
Awkward__Artist, Hmmmmm *Awkward* Artist.... Doesn't stutter...? That's something to look into >w>