Yay Passer Rank

05/16/2018 03:39
After 1 year I finnaly got Passer Rank.I will try to make more and action animations for you :P.
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SnowyClawy 11/25/2018 08:56
could you gimme tips for passer? PLEASEEEE I NEED XD :P its ok if no, i undersstand!
SnowyClawy 11/25/2018 08:55
Wow! GG! You got passer! :P, im happy for you! Well, ik im late but WATEVERRRRRRRRRRR
handssecrets 05/17/2018 00:16
MLGMonkey, I got passer with mouse._.
Ghajestis 05/16/2018 19:11

that means no add ons right xD
izzyrocks 05/16/2018 18:41
Offel 05/16/2018 13:34
Ajuji 05/16/2018 13:16
good for you
MLGMonkey 05/16/2018 10:44
anyway great job awesome!
MLGMonkey 05/16/2018 10:43
MLGMonkey 05/16/2018 10:43
Thau denied me guess im too bad... WITH A MOUSE BUT I HAVE A MAGICAL TOOL THAT WILL GET ME PASSER...