A Toon? In MY 2020?

01/12/2020 00:49
A little late, but I wanted to doodle something quick. Premise: Toon being lonely and then returning with spunk for the new year! ------- I used a dance reference, so... this took at least 2 hours. On and off. Enjoy lol (design of Tooney not mine lol I just like this personification)
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Terrible_Fate 01/12/2020 05:05
Also, :gun: :gun: :gun:
Terrible_Fate 01/12/2020 05:05
-__-__-__-__-__-, Thanks! owo
Terrible_Fate 01/12/2020 05:05
Talia8Pie, I believe Sus and an older user, Stuka, drew him. I wasn't here long enough to know exactly who ^^
-__-__-__-__-__- 01/12/2020 04:52
wow this is so cool!!
Talia8Pie 01/12/2020 03:01
Who designed tooney though :0