04/18/2020 18:13
he is lost. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=67CtR3KJzIA


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kristuxxx 04/19/2020 03:35
nice job
PotatoChipzToon 04/18/2020 22:23
qwertykatz 04/18/2020 22:18
Reminds me of Van Gogh style! (meaning it's frickin bootiful uwu)
kadenawesome 04/18/2020 21:04
thanks but ive been doing this for a while and i still suck
-Human_Person- 04/18/2020 20:23
kadenawesome, same, but if you keep animating, you'll get better.
kadenawesome 04/18/2020 19:58
This is really good i suck at animation because i only have a mouse and key board but i want a drawing tablet plus i can only draw stick man animations so Great Job!! :D
JetBlack 04/18/2020 18:28
I pluy maroi mkarer 2! and anminal crssing
JetBlack 04/18/2020 18:26
B1uMoonGirl, haheeaha yeh thsi reel gud!!!
B1uMoonGirl 04/18/2020 18:26
why is everyone so nice ahh
B1uMoonGirl 04/18/2020 18:26
DrIsJam, djkfaskejtrgaseo; aw thanks