Scarf Practice

03/25/2020 00:23
My scarf game has gotten weak, but i'm planning on getting better. My effects game is on point, tho Also, FUCK you, anon glitch


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-__-__-__-__-__- 03/28/2020 11:43
Fusing 03/25/2020 14:30
avatarrohan, AGHHH, thank you so much, I love your work!
_StarMoonlight_ 03/25/2020 14:19
Fusing, oh yeahh. I forgot about my request. I love it a lot lol. And np :D
avatarrohan 03/25/2020 14:13
Amaazing , keep up the great work !
Fusing 03/25/2020 14:03
_StarMoonlight_, Thank you, I'm very happy you like it! I actually made this based on your request so I'm very happy it lived up to what you wanted!
_StarMoonlight_ 03/25/2020 13:07
_StarMoonlight_, so this is a really good animation
_StarMoonlight_ 03/25/2020 13:05
ugh i love flow of scarfs lol. I'm obsessed with scarfs and flowing stuff like this. in general.
Fusing 03/25/2020 12:27
Ansonlin360, Thanks
Ansonlin360 03/25/2020 12:25
i like it dude