Me During Online School..

09/11/2020 19:55
The fact that I have online homeschool, there is SO much more work...I just been stressed a bit. I'm a highschooler, so they bury me in work m8...
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VoidWatcher 09/11/2020 20:07
YurFam, yeah I'm suprised my school still leaves it alone since I got in trouble for it once. ;v;
YurFam 09/11/2020 20:03
VoidWatcher, at least I can access this site tho :)
VoidWatcher 09/11/2020 20:01
YurFam, ouch thats rough, I know in high school they give you more work, but I can see that the extra online school could make it hell.
YurFam 09/11/2020 19:58
VoidWatcher, At most 10 assignments. I bounce from website to website. I start early (I'm in FL, home of the Entitled Mothers) So I started in August.
VoidWatcher 09/11/2020 19:57
woah I'm only in 8th grade, how much work do you get a day?