Bday gift

03/14/2019 03:34
I'm sorry, were you expecting something serious? (Also the reason it suddenly got so lazy was because my motivation literally disappeared halfway through this) Anyways happy bday to Serulii and really really REALLY late happy bday to _disaster_
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Talia8Pie 03/14/2019 05:31
Slotho, 6:29pm
Also yes, let me get the toon so you understand why it's pelican meat and lamp arms
Slotho 03/14/2019 05:29
"binch what"
Slotho 03/14/2019 05:28
I got 3 hours of sleep LMFAO
It's 6:28 rn
Talia8Pie 03/14/2019 05:28
SnowyClawy, I surprisingly spent 2 hours on it, despite the shitposts style
Talia8Pie 03/14/2019 05:21
Dude who the heck keeps putting these in gp s t o p
SnowyClawy 03/14/2019 05:05
Internut, IKKK
Internut 03/14/2019 04:42
omg this is amazing lmao
SnowyClawy 03/14/2019 04:27
woah... Cool! :D So akwardly smooth tho.. XD LOVE THIS! :D (how am i first liker, commenter!?)