Bday gift

03/14/2019 03:34
I'm sorry, were you expecting something serious? (Also the reason it suddenly got so lazy was because my motivation literally disappeared halfway through this) Anyways happy bday to Serulii and really really REALLY late happy bday to _disaster_
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2DaruiAnimator 03/15/2019 21:48
"Seru ate too many carbs" lmao
2DaruiAnimator 03/15/2019 21:47
pelican meat Is noice
Hepta 03/15/2019 21:18
i love me sum pelican meat flavored cake
better than chocolate ;)
poppliotube 03/15/2019 20:43
MODS SO THERE ARE ACTIVE ONES!!! I thought we were on a vedge of toonator's death
Talia8Pie 03/15/2019 18:22
_Disaster_, Where do you keep dem people <w<
_Disaster_ 03/15/2019 18:18
Talia8Pie, let me now if u want me to get some mods involved. i got people.
Talia8Pie 03/15/2019 18:17
plut77, Please stop. It's annoying and if you really want to go do your awareness thing do it with toons instead of comments. Especially just saying tulp. If you are serious about what you are doing, do it seriously then. Do a petition or something. I know that you're probably a troll but I am tired of having to block so many of you.
_Disaster_ 03/15/2019 18:14
poppliotube 03/15/2019 14:45
plut77, When you want attention
typical-american 03/15/2019 11:36
pelican meat got me so hard lol