08/28/2017 20:23
rick and morty wont have a new ep in 2 weeks im crying but it's cause they wont post on labour day weekend BUT STILL
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DapperVoxlyy 08/29/2017 00:52
ikr??? I'm fucking dying of rick and morty deprivation
plustic_neesan 08/28/2017 20:41
fuzzbuns 08/28/2017 20:31
LoveDerp, i mean i think they mean that ricks attachment to morty is toxic because rick cares about him too much and in ricks ideal version of himself that it isnt good to be attached to mort :(
LoveDerp 08/28/2017 20:29
fuzzbuns, YEAh like it's sad to know that the rick that loves morty was his toxic version
LoveDerp 08/28/2017 20:27
Sanboy, yeah apparently they go into the ocean and go see Atlantis?
fuzzbuns 08/28/2017 20:25
last nights ep was wild
Sanboy 08/28/2017 20:25
I'm sad about that. I wont get to see the new episode..