Smoooother than i thought

06/25/2018 11:49
Just trying out some hand animation and it turned out REALLY smooth
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Kristersv10 08/04/2018 05:12
good <3 it
DaleksOfSkaro 06/26/2018 07:36
ChickenNugger, Thanks!
ChickenNugger 06/26/2018 07:08
that's really smooth
DaleksOfSkaro 06/26/2018 06:34
Sazzafrazz, I did that, the only thing is i tried to make the heart follow the hand movement, thats what messed it up XD
Sazzafrazz 06/26/2018 06:12
This is pretty smooth and it's looking nice! If you want to make the heart look better, use the lightbox effect in toon to trace the heart once the hand gets there, like trace it on top of the hand and erase any lines the heart overlaps.
FG_FatalHydra 06/25/2018 19:37
tis' wonky and smooth, lol.
Fluffowuffo 06/25/2018 15:53
Nice! :D
zefuro 06/25/2018 12:26
DaleksOfSkaro 06/25/2018 12:02
iz a little wonky on the heart XD